RFP (Request For Proposals) – Making Movies that Matter


up to $135,000


Public Art Division, Department of Cultural Affairs


Oct 11, 2017 - 11:59 pm




Rhonda Mitchell        `


City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, Public Art Division

Request For Proposals (RFP)

City of Los Angeles – Council District 12

“Making Movies that Matter”- Youth Short Film Festival and Artist in Residence Program Administration

DEADLINE: OCTOBER 11, 2017 11:59PM


In 2015, the office of the Twelfth Council District and the Department of Cultural Affairs launched a pilot program titled, “Making Movies that Matter” Youth Short Film Festival. The purpose of the program is to utilize Artists-in-Residence to introduce elementary, middle and high-school students to beginning and intermediate filmmaking production, technical filmmaking tools, film theory and the general history of filmmaking in the United States. As part of the program, students develop, plan and create a short film, animated film, documentary short and/or public service announcement which premieres in a juried film festival for public viewing.


The Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) invites experienced arts organizations and/or partnerships to submit a proposal to administer the “Making Movies that Matter” Youth Short Film Festival and Artist-in-Residence Program. This unique arts education program offered through DCA and Council District 12, introduces students to the art of storytelling through digital filmmaking while providing critical mentoring and technical support to ensure participant efficacy and success.


Experienced art organizations and/or partnerships will; have the administrative capacity to oversee the project; demonstrate the ability to provide school-based filmmaking classes for youth within LA City Council District 12; have the outreach, capacity and ability to hire and process artists who are able to meet LAUSD District requirements for those who have contact with District students. Artists-in-Residence must be able to deliver 15-20 hours of developmentally appropriate digital filmmaking instruction over an 8-10 week period; have the capacity to work weekdays, during school hours and deliver 50-90 minutes of instruction per week; develop program syllabus in partnership with the school designee(s) so it is aligned with Common Core State Standards and the Visual and Performing Arts Standards approved by the California Department of Education. The selected arts organization and/or partnership must attend multiple meetings with the Council Office, LAUSD School representatives and others as required. The planning phase of the project will begin in early November 2017, with the actual classroom instruction beginning in February 2018, culminating in the juried film festival in May 2018.

Teaching Artists/Artists-in-Residence must have a high school diploma or equivalent; current enrollment in an art program completing graduate work in filmmaking, videography or screenwriting; will be required to have on file current documentation of Tuberculosis Screening and negative TB Test results; pass fingerprinting and background checks; adhere to Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act guidelines for Mandated Reporters as required for all employees, contractors, agents and volunteers who have contact with Los Angeles Unified School District Students.


This RFP is open to arts organizations and/or partnerships in the Southern California area, including the County of Los Angeles. Employees of the City of Los Angeles are ineligible to apply.


A review panel will convene to assess submissions and invite up to three (3) arts organizations and/or partnerships to interview. Based upon interviews, one (1) arts organization and/or partnership will be selected for the project and asked to begin work immediately thereafter.


DCA reserves the right to decline all submissions and/or cancel this RFP at any time. This RFP is subject to Minority/Women Business Enterprise, Equal Opportunity, Living Wage, Contractor Responsibility and Equal Benefits Ordinances, and other ordinances in effect.


The participating sites may include community-based organizations and schools which have been identified through a lottery system by Council District 12. Filmmaking equipment has been secured and the selected art organization will work with a separately contracted festival producer to create the culminating event.


The budget for this program is up to $135,000. The budget will be all-inclusive and must cover all expenses associated with the development, implementation, and evaluation of the project, any required presentations, approvals, and/or City permits, as well as the costs of fingerprinting and health screening of Artist-in-Residence candidates. This project is funded through the Arts Development Fee program and/or other art programs funded by the Department of Cultural Affairs.


This section outlines specific information necessary for proper proposal submission.

  1. Proposal Presentation:

Please provide a cover letter stating the organization’s name, address, and general telephone number. The letter should also include the name, email and direct phone number of a representative of the organization. The proposal is divided into three (3) sections. Please label each section and succinctly address the following prompts:

Section I

  • Provide a Statement of Interest
  • Briefly describe the history, vision, and philosophy of the organization
  • Describe the organization’s philosophy of filmmaking, videography and/or screenwriting program(s)
  • Describe your arts organization/partnership’s approach to community involvement

Section II

  • Provide a schedule of all phases of the educational program and briefly summarize the content of each planned phase
  • Include an itemized list of all project costs

Section III

  • Use one (1) page to describe projected learning outcomes and evaluation methods
  • Provide resume or CV for key project staff.



Completed submissions must be emailed in PDF format to DCA by 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, October 11, 2017. Submissions received after Wednesday, October 11, 2017, will be deemed ineligible.

Email the proposal to Public Art. The subject line should read: “Making Movies that Matter” Attn: Rhonda Mitchell.



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