Request for Proposals: LA-Paris Performance-Poetry Collaboration


Up to $25,000 inclusive


City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs


Jan 22, 2024 - 11:59 pm





Direct questions about this Imminent Opportunity to Grants Manager Ben Espinosa at

Public Space Activation Fund: International Participation and Promotion Projects (IPAPP) Imminent Opportunity


Eligible respondents are nonprofit organizations headquartered in Los Angeles County that have:

  1.  Three (3) or more years of experience presenting poets from Los Angeles as well as other countries in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and/or South and Central America demonstrating a knowledge of global exchange, and
  2. Expertise in selecting diverse sets of high-quality poets (by age, cultural identity, gender, etc.) who have already produced and/or can create new works on a given sports and arts-related theme (such as athletic-participation, Olympic heroes, and/or sports), and
  3. Three (3) or more years of experience producing, podcasting, and/or posting videos of staged events on its website or other virtual location that function as either primary or documentary programs to promote the art of poetry, and
  4. Ability to name two staff members with expertise in poetry and literature (full or part-time, who are poised to advance their skills in international exchange) who will dedicate approximately 30 hours (collectively) of administrative time between February and October 2024 to co-select one (1) diverse artistic-delegation to participate in a staged event in Paris, France; which will be videotaped and post-produced as a co-sponsored online-program (linked to the DCA website) butpremiered on its website, and
  5. An overall operating budget of no less than $100,000 per year over the past six years, preferably with a chronology of three years with at least one government grant from either the City of Los Angeles Department of cultural Affairs or the LA County Department of Arts & Culture, which demonstrates a history of stability with recognition from community-panelists, consultants, and/or peers.

Maximum Grant Request:

Selected nonprofit partner estimated to receive up to $25,000 inclusive of creative, administrative, and bookkeeping fees.

Host Organization(s):

City of Paris, Paris Université Club (PUC), Théâtre de la Ville

Date(s) of live public presentation:

Saturday, September 7, 2024

Address of public presentation (either cross-streets or web domain):

Place du Châtelet, public plaza in front of the Théâtre de la Ville


The City of Los Angeles DCA seeks a nonprofit, literary-arts partner for a collaborative, performancepoetry project that will be produced in conjunction with the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Planning for this project will begin in February 2024, and include videotaping in early September 2024, post-production in late September 2024, and online posting for Los Angeles audiences in October 2024.

The staged, performance-poetry event at the Place du Châtelet in Paris, France will take place in September, toward the end of the Paris 2024 games. The event will feature a thematic 12-hour long “poetry-relay” program of a series of live poetry readings and spoken-word and sung performances with music by a wide range of artists. This imminent opportunity is designed to include participation of six to eight Los Angeles-based literary artists at this showcase event, in the spirit of “passing the torch” from the Paris 2024 Olympic games to the Los Angeles 2028 games.

To ensure success of this project, the selected nonprofit literary arts partner will collaborate with the City of LA DCA by:

  • Enrolling two expert staff members in a DCA-facilitated panel to identify six to eight Los Angeles poets to participate at the performance-poetry event in Paris (panel to take place February – March 2024)
  • Provide creative/administrative fees, travel and meals, and related insurance coverage for the six to eight selected artists, plus for a videographer (up to nine persons in total), to participate at the Paris event
  • To monitor the editing and creation of a documentary video of the event which will be premiered on the partnering nonprofit website for Los Angeles audiences.

Qualified organizations should respond to an online RFP form that will require:

A) An agency contact form with a statement certifying eligibility and capacity to carry out proposed services, including carrying sufficient insurance policies to cover international travel for a six- to nine-person creative delegation
B) A two- to three-page letter of interest, addressing their competitive qualifications based upon the five eligibility criteria listed above, and
C) Two links to video-samples (one illustrating a set of LA poets, and one illustrating one or more poets from outside the Americas) which should be prior live/stage/podcast events from the past 6 years.

Proposals ranked between 85 and a maximum of 100 points, based on their ability to meet four or more of the five eligibility requirements listed above, will be considered successful. DCA will follow the panel ranking when inviting applicant-organizations to act as partners in a forthcoming “Call for Entries” which will select six to eight literary and/or songwriting artists to be presented and videotaped at the event in Paris, France. In the end, only the one or two highest ranked proposal(s) for this RFP will be named as the DCA’s official “co-sponsor;” and thus invited to work with DCA between February and October 2024 on an international project which requires literary-arts expertise (but limited other financial investment from the applicant-organization, as DCA support of up to $25,000 is intended to cover artist-administrative fees, travel, meals, project and video production, and bookkeeping).



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