Public Art Division

Phone: 213-202-5544

DCA is committed to the creation and maintenance of art in the public realm and supports artists and cultural projects through four distinct arts programs: the Public Works Improvements Arts Program, the Private Arts Development Fee Program, the Citywide Mural Program, and the City’s Art Collection.

The Department commissions dynamic public art in Los Angeles, and through its 37 neighborhood arts and cultural centers provides access to vibrant and varied cultural experiences. Through public and private support for art programs, DCA implements an independent peer panel and public review process to select artists to create and/or present site-specific public art projects and/or programming.

Beyond creating interesting aesthetic experiences, DCA encourages civic engagement while inspiring creativity and conversation. DCA provides access to public art, which can have profound long-reaching benefits for those who wouldn’t otherwise gain exposure to visual or performing arts. DCA’s public art programs play an important role in reshaping attitudes, countering cultural stereotypes, and affirming the artistic contributions of the City’s diverse communities.

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Felicia Filer

Public Art Division Director


Rochele Gomez

Arts Manager, City Art Collection


Tania Picasso

Arts Manager, Arts Development Fee Program and City Art Collection


Jasmine Regala

Arts Associate, Arts Development Fee Program


Haroot Avanesian

Architectural Associate, Cultural Affairs Commission Staff


Yamilette Duarte

Arts Associate, Murals


Ligeia Gorre

Arts Manager, Public Percent for Art Program and Airport Art Program


Paul Pescador

Arts Associate, Public Percent for Art Program


Becky Snodgrass

Arts Manager, Public Percent for Art Program


Martica Caraballo Stork

Arts Manager



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