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7242 Owensmouth Ave

Canoga Park, CA 91303


Closed for Renovations

Taxco Theatre

Taxco Theatre was acquired for the Department of Cultural Affairs with the support and leadership of Councilmember Bob Blumenfield in 2019. The vision is to create access to artists, non-profit and community organizations, and students; with the goal of supporting local artists in bringing their productions to life.

It will be an affordable city-owned and managed incubator for the development of new and innovative productions in music, dance, and theater. By providing a nurturing and creative space for artists, non-profit and community organizations, and students, they will be able to develop new projects and to work out raw materials with their collaborators during the early stages of creative development.

What is planned for the future at Taxco Theatre?
Once the Taxco Theatre has been inspected by the city, and the facility has been evaluated for safety and theatrical readiness, repairs will be made. While there is no timeline for the assessment and work to be done, the city is committed to opening the building for use by artists, non-profit and community organizations, and students as soon as possible.

Taxco Theatre will be a tech-rich space, which will allow LA artists of all ages to work with state of the art equipment, and advance their work to the stage.



Councilmember Bob Blumenfield Visits Future Site of Arts Hub Center



Taxco Theatre Inauguration

  • Officials from the 3rd Council of Los Angeles and Department of Cultural Affairs congregate to inaugurate Taxco Theatre

  • A crowd gathers to inaugurate Taxco Theatre

  • Interior of the newly acquired Taxco Theatre


Dolores Chavez

Performing Arts Center Director


Nicki Genovese

Acting Performing Arts Division Director 213-202-5524



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