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Department of Cultural Affairs Public Art Division


Apr 1, 2019 - 5:00 pm




Cerrina Tayag-Rivera
213 202-5561


The CURRENT:LA public art triennial presents temporary public art projects and programs at no cost to the public, activating every Council District in the City of Los Angeles. The concept was developed and produced by the Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) Public Art Division and is LA’s first ongoing, citywide temporary public art initiative. Each presentation focuses on a public issue that affects Los Angeles as well as other global cities. CURRENT:LA is curated by an independent team of distinguished arts professionals with experience in issues-based public art. CURRENT:LA seeks to generate civil discourse around the selected global issue by commissioning art outside the realm of traditional biennials and triennials.

CURRENT:LA FOOD is the upcoming second iteration of the public art triennial following CURRENT:LA WATER, the highly successful inaugural launch in the summer of 2016. In the fall of 2019 CURRENT:LA FOOD will activate 15 public spaces with 15 public art commissions as well as relevant public programming for one month (October 5 – November 3, 2019). Set in public parks adjacent to public transportation, CURRENT:LA will highlight how different infrastructures intersect and impact the residents and visitors of Los Angeles.

The City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs generates and supports high-quality arts and cultural experiences for LA residents and visitors. DCA seeks to advance the social and economic impact of the arts and ensure access to diverse and enriching cultural activities throughout the City of Los Angeles.


DCA is seeking qualified professionals to provide comprehensive social impact evaluation services for CURRENT:LA FOOD (the Project). The selected Evaluation Consultant will perform an assessment of the effectiveness and social impact of the Project over the length of the Project term, utilizing and advancing the methodologies of the first CURRENT:LA evaluation, which can be found at The selected Evaluation Consultant will be responsible for implementing both summative and formative evaluations of the Project. The deadline for submissions to this RFP is 5:00 pm, Monday, April 1, 2019.


This RFP is open to professional evaluation consultants, firms, and partnerships (individuals, teams, or organizations) based in Southern California, including Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Kern, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Imperial Counties. RFP applicants are not guaranteed a City contract. Teams must retain the same members specified in their original RFP application in order to be awarded a contract. Candidates pre-qualified for other DCA-administered opportunities are not prevented from applying to this RFP. City of Los Angeles employees are ineligible for consideration. Submissions must be received by the RFP deadline. Late or incomplete submissions will be deemed ineligible.


The total funding available for the Evaluation is $70,000. This amount must cover all consulting fees for the Principal Investigator(s), Research Analyst(s) and Research Assistant(s), all costs related to Monitoring and Evaluation services for CURRENT:LA FOOD, development and use of instruments for the collection of quantitative and qualitative data, and any approved reimbursable expenses including travel costs, and design and production of materials intended for public dissemination (e.g. publications, other print materials, videos, infographics, maps, etc.). Such products shall be considered and potentially commissioned by DCA.


The selected Evaluation Consultant will investigate how public art contributes to the creation of social capital and civil discourse in the context of the Project through a mixed-methods evaluation. Working collaboratively with DCA and Project stakeholders, the Evaluation Consultant will engage in the following scope of work:

Research, Design, and Development: Review, refine, and finalize methodologies and tools used in the last CURRENT:LA evaluation—including evaluation questions, definitions, instruments and item pool(s), baseline measures, performance indicators, outcome measures, as well as analyze previous benchmark data to develop new benchmarks—in order to prepare and submit a detailed work plan for approval by DCA.

Implementation & Management: Lead the collection and organization of qualitative and quantitative data through onsite field reports and field research, observation guides, online questionnaires, question sets, zip code data, paper questionnaires, visitor response forms, focus group(s), interviews(s), and data-scraping; and oversee the documentation of the processes at the organizational level in order to gauge effectiveness and determine best practices. Synthesize and interpret data corpus to address priority questions; distinguish emergent issues, successes, and concerns; and identify promising practices.

Formative Assessment: Produce usable insights and analysis of data in the form of regularly submitted written research briefs documenting the Evaluation methodology during the course of the contract, submit status reports to DCA staff that articulate specific actions, such as next steps and/or recommendations, and attend related meetings upon request.

Summative Reporting: Generate documentation and a summative report of the Evaluation that incorporates post-Project data including post-production group workshops and or interviews with key stakeholders and DCA staff; and report clear evidence of success and impacts along with recommendations for best practices.

Dissemination: Share/present key findings in the form of a Final Report, perform other tasks and/or provide other deliverables as appropriate and as mutually agreed upon by the Evaluation Consultant and DCA, and deliver all Evaluation-related documentation components to DCA.


Minimum requirements include prior evaluation experience (preferably in the field of arts and culture, with private/public partnership experience a plus); strong research and technical writing skills; and excellent observational, listening, analytical, communication, and public speaking skills. Ideal applicants will be knowledgeable of social change initiatives and familiar with the City of Los Angeles and its diverse communities.


Responses to this RFP must include all items listed as a single PDF document, sent to <> with “evaluation consultant submission: CURRENT” in the subject line by Monday, April 1, 2019, 5:00 pm. Any unsolicited materials will not be reviewed. Submissions must be structured as follows:

1. Consultant Information

  • Company name, physical address, website, brief history and types of services offered (indicate if the firm is a partnership, corporation, nonprofit or sole proprietorship).
  • Contact information (email and telephone) of the principal investigator or lead researcher.

2. Team Member Qualifications

  • Each team member’s name (lead researcher clearly identified), affiliation and qualifications as they relate to the Scope of Work, with each individual’s experience with arts and cultural research clearly noted.
  • An up-to-date professional résumé/CV for each team member.

3. Research Expertise + Consulting Experience

  • Brief narrative that describes evaluation knowledge, education, and experience in the fields of creative place-making, community development, and/or arts and culture, and that explicitly states any assumptions and/or research priorities proposed for the Evaluation.

4. Past Work

  • Highlights of prior work similar to the Project (include website links to external documents and references as applicable).
  • Description of any experience working with public agencies and/or public-private partnerships.
  • Summary of the team’s track record of working together, with any arts and cultural work clearly noted.

5. Conceptual Approach

Written narrative summarizing interest in the Project and potential evaluation methodologies, including but not limited to:

  • Methods to evaluate the processes and outcomes.
  • Strategies to track, communicate, assess and adapt to changes in order to ensure evaluation efficacy.
  • Collaboration with DCA’s Public Art Division and other partners.
  • Opportunities for public dissemination of key findings and impacts.

6. Timeline

  • Estimated timeline for the Evaluation overall, with a timeframe for each item specified in the Scope of Work. The selected Evaluation Consultant’s contract duration is anticipated to be approximately twelve (12) months, from May 1, 2019 through May 1, 2020.

7. Budget Schedule (not to exceed $70,000)

  • Estimated breakdown of the total budget, including itemization allocations for subcontractors, travel costs, meetings, presentations, insurance, etc.

8. References

  • Name, affiliation, and complete contact information (including email and telephone) for three previous and/or current clients (these references will only be contacted during the final round of selections).

Applicants are encouraged to register on the City of Los Angeles Business Assistance Virtual Network (BAVN). If you or your organization has previously received commissions, grants, or contracts from the City of Los Angeles, then you have already registered on BAVN. If you are a new applicant, go to to register to bid for a City of Los Angeles business commission, grant, or contract. For technical support please contact BAVN directly via email: <>.


A review panel will convene to assess submissions and invite up to three (3) consultants, firms, and/or partnerships to interview. Based on interviews and review of finalist proposals, one (1) consultant, firm, and/or partnership will be selected as the Evaluation Consultant for the Project and asked to begin work immediately thereafter.

The Evaluation Consultant will be selected based upon professional experience, clear and compelling presentation in submitted qualification, suitability of approach, team competence, cost estimates, and timeline feasibility.


April 1, 2019                        RFP submission deadline

April 5, 2019                        peer panel review of submissions

April 10, 2019                      interviews with top candidates / finalist selections

May 1, 2019                         selected Evaluation Consultant begins the scope of work


DCA reserves the right to decline submissions to this RFP, amend this RFP by addendum prior to the submission deadline, and/or cancel this RFP at any time. This RFP is subject to the City’s Campaign Finance, Contractor Responsibility, Equal Benefits, Equal Opportunity, Living Wage, Minority / Women Business Enterprise and Slavery Disclosure Ordinances, as well as any other ordinances in effect within the City of Los Angeles.


Contact DCA’s Public Art Division: email Cerrina Tayag-Rivera at <> or call 213 202-5561. Visit DCA’s website <> to download or view this RFP online.


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