Citywide COVID-19 Emergency Response Program for Individual Artists


$500 to $1,500


Los Angeles Department
of Cultural Affairs






Please contact the DCA Public Art Staff via email at with the subject line “Citywide ERP” for questions.


Thank you for contacting the Department of Cultural Affairs.  
The response to this opportunity was overwhelming. The fund was open through September 1 or until 600 applications were received. The 600 applications mark was reached quickly. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept any more applications. 
We understand what artists are experiencing at this time, and hope to be able to offer more opportunities like this in the future.  
Please check our website,, and follow us on social media to stay informed about any upcoming opportunities.

Our world has changed and so have the ways that artists interact with and describe it. In response to the economic shifts created by COVID-19, the Department of Cultural Affairs Public Art Division (DCA) and City Council have designated $340,000 in Arts Development Fees to establish a Citywide COVID-19 Emergency Response Program to provide additional emergency relief to individual artists who live in Los Angeles.

This is an opportunity for artists to re-imagine public art and how it is experienced in the places that we live, shop and play while providing economic relief to support artists in these areas. DCA will create new, inclusive definitions of public art that reflect the artists relationship to the sights, sounds and rhythms of their communities. As the City rethinks how people will inhabit physical public spaces once the city reopens, the Citywide COVID-19 Emergency Response Program will create an opportunity for new voices to participate and illustrate how all artistic forms can contribute to and envision how our virtual and physical spaces create a new “third” public realm.

The Citywide COVID-19 Emergency Response Program will provide emergency relief to individual artists, based in Los Angeles, who have not received a public art commission from DCA from July 2019 to June 2020  through the Public One-Percent for Art and Private One-Percent for Art Programs, the Mural Program or through our collaboration with the Los Angeles World Airport Art Program.

Artists who receive public art funding through the COVID-19 Emergency Response Program must be willing to make their artworks and services available through real-time, virtual and online platforms, and in some instances the artwork may appear in a physical public space. This effort is intended to showcase citywide and share new artistic voices in the time of the Pandemic. Artwork that is created may be a new, originally created artwork, or, a preexisting artwork that is relevant to the current climate that can be shared on a virtual platform. Additionally, all artists who apply, whether they receive funding or not will also be added to the public art mailing list to be considered for other upcoming public art opportunities at DCA.

To ensure citywide accessibility of this program, DCA will provide online links to a curated selection of the Citywide COVID-19 Emergency Response Program projects on DCA’s website and social media channels. DCA will also have a master list of projects with links to the art and cultural programs to various online teaching portals and will work with local organizations and public television programs to broaden our reach and to help cultivate new audiences.

Emergency awards to individual artists are one-time funding and will be capped at $1,500.



The Citywide COVID-19 Emergency Response Program will focus on individual artists with the greatest risk of hardship. An individual artist is defined as:  Any person who works greater than quarter-time for income as a creative producer (actor, animator, craft-maker, designer, dancer, DJ, literary writer, musician, painter, poet, photographer, playwright, sculptor, videographer, etc.)

Artists must demonstrate financial need and detrimental impact caused by COVID-19 such as ability to pay rent, utility bills, loss of employment, etc.

Funding for individual artists will be tiered in three categories: $500 for artists who work up-to quarter time as a creative producer; $1,000 for artists who are employed part-time or full-time at any type of company; and $1,500 for artists who are full-time freelancers. Freelance artists are more vulnerable in an economic downturn than artists who perform creative services full-time within a company.

Artists that have not received a Public Art Commission between July 2019 through June 2020 through the Public One-Percent for Art and Private One-Percent for Art Programs, the Mural Program or through the Los Angeles World Airport Art Program.



All applicants must:

  • Reside within the City of Los Angeles
    • (Please visit verify your home address is within the boundaries of the City of Los Angeles. Addresses falling outside of the City of Los Angeles would yield a ‘Nothing Found’ result via this online tool.)
  • Demonstrate professional creative experience over at least the past two (2) years on an attached resume.
  • High school or college students creating projects for school accreditation are ineligible.
  • Employees of the City of Los Angeles are ineligible to apply.


Selection Methodology

DCA will convene peer panelists as application readers to review the applications and score each application based on the stated criteria and an equitable distribution across the City. The Department is committed to uplifting artists that have been historically disenfranchised and live and/or work in communities of underrepresented cultural and ethnic groups. Artists that identify as Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and Transgender are highly encouraged to apply. Funding opportunities will be available until the full budget for this initiative have been expended.


Application Requirements

If you are eligible for this relief, please complete the application below on JotForm and include your professional resume:

  • Applicant Information:
    • Name, email and telephone contact information
    • Physical mailing address (must be within the City of Los Angeles)
    • Indicate Council District where you reside
    • Questions regarding artist category and demographics
    • Statement of Interest that describes the impact of COVID-19 on your experience and employment as an artist, and also describes how your proposed artwork would address the pandemic
  • Attachment:
    • Resume/CV that does not exceed four (4) pages that demonstrates artist’s two (2) or more years of professional experience. File must be in PDF format.

Please note that all submissions must be completed through JotForm by September 1, 2020.