Public-Space Activation Fund (PAF)


$900 to $20,000


City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs


Monthly Submissions, November 2022 to July 2023




Armando Smith


Public-Space Activation Fund (PAF) supports temporary outdoor creative enhancement or engagement projects in publicly accessible outdoor spaces throughout the City of Los Angeles. Eligible PAF projects fall under the following three categories:

Community Expressions (CE): Microgrants of $900 for individual artists who wish to partner with a local business (a non-conventional art space) in their community for a one-time creative activity (presented in person and/or online. Community Expressions grants are intended to support neighborhood residents and local businesses (that are not conventional art spaces) working together for the first or second time in order to foster audience+economic impact (indoor activities in non-conventional art spaces are allowable under the Community Expressions category).

Earth-friendly Creative-idea Opportunity-fund Sponsoring Neighborhood Action Projects (ECO-SNAP): Seed funding between $7,500-$10,000 to support creative festival-style projects and pop-ups in outdoor spaces that revolve around earth-friendly themes and involve community efforts to promote cultural health and healing, green-concept beautification, and/or environmental awareness. Supported activities may include live performances, temporary banners/murals, candlelight vigils, cultural picnics, and mini-festivals.

International Festivals & Intercultural Foods (IFIF): Grants ranging from $7,500 to $20,000 for projects that embrace multicultural awareness and promote opportunities for cross-cultural learning by featuring creative-artisans (including chefs) within free/low-costs events in outdoor public spaces. Activities may include community picnics, outdoor festivals, pop-up performance events, food/food-truck festivals, and creative enhancements to farmers markets, which highlight artist-presentations/performances on cultural themes or topics. IFIF projects should take place at one, or a set of linked publicly accessible outdoor spaces, including streets, sidewalks or street-adjacent parking lots, or such family-friendly spaces as farmers markets, public parks, library parking-lots, or school yards.

PAF proposals are accepted online from the first Thursday of each month through July 2023. Applications are reviewed within approximately 20 business days. Artists and organizations who are already engaged with DCA with an active grant contract cannot apply for PAF funding; however, such parties are encouraged to collaborate with qualified applicants as a named vendor and/or producing agent as part of an eligible PAF project.

For more information, or to discuss potential project ideas, please refer to the full program guidelines linked below, or contact DCA using the information provided on this page.


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