The City’s Art of Well-Being COVID-19 Messaging Initiative increases the effectiveness of its COVID-19 messaging, using language reflective of the seriousness of the crisis and images created by BIPOC artists appealing to the cultural perspectives of their communities in particular, and the greater LA community, in general.

City of LA Art of Well-Being COVID-19 Messaging Initiative

City of Los Angeles Art of Well-Being COVID-19 Messaging Initiative

The Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) and the Emergency Management Department (EMD) worked together to create the project and promote some of the resulting artwork and messaging with Streets LA and Outfront /JC Decaux Furniture on bus shelter posters. The pilot program focused on reaching Black and Latinx South LA residents using works commissioned by DCA through its nonprofit community partner, LA Commons, and created by local artists.

The initial objective of the project was to stress physical distancing, hand washing, and use of masks. The current objective of the initiative is to increase awareness and importance of COVID-19 testing and vaccination, self-care, and other health and wellness campaigns that reflect the continued movement toward recovery from the current pandemic. The innovative manner in which DCA and EMD are trying to reach people uses the creative work of local artists to gain much-needed attention.

DCA provides administration and oversight of the project, creation of the bus shelter posters, and the dissemination of the images and messaging across social media channels. EMD and the artists commissioned also use their social media platforms to further engage the community and spread the preventative messaging.

The artists whose work was initially highlighted included:

LA Commons

Alfonso Aceves
Moses Ball
Amani Holbert
Jose Lozano
Noni Olabisi
Eric “KING CRE 8” Walker
Lula Washington Dance Theatre

The artwork was disseminated initially across DCA’s social media channels. Artist Statements were included with the images to deepen the meaning of the messaging. Over 40 social media messages have been posted so far, resulting in over 1,500 engagements with the work, seen by over 53,000 people. The project initially focused on artists from the South end of the city as a pilot.

The series continues now with community partners Self-Help Graphics & Art and 11:11 A Creative Collection presenting the following eighteen artists from East LA and the San Fernando Valley:

Self Help Graphics & Art

Gabby Claro
Sophia Garcia
Trenely “Clover” Garcia
Daniel Gonzalez
Priscilla Hernandez
Delmi “De Marte” Martinez
Cynthia Navarro
Vanya Navarette
Liliflor Ramirez
Oscar Rodriguez
Dewey Tafoya
Arleny Vargas

11:11 A Creative Collective

Jackie Hernandez
Jaqui Smith
Kaylynn Kim
Omar Martinez
Sandy Lopez
Val Galindo


LA Commons Slideshow

  • Alfonso Aceves, 'Protect Our Elders'

  • Alfonso Aceves, 'Always Wash Your Hands'

  • Alfonso Aceves, 'Safer at Home'

  • Alfonso Aceves, 'Protege a Tu Vecino Siempre con Mascara'

  • Moses Ball, 'Protect Our Future'

  • Moses Ball, 'Protect Our Elders'

  • Moses Ball, 'Protect Black Women'

  • Moses Ball, 'Self Care'

  • Amani Holbert, '6 Feet Apart'

  • Amani Holbert, 'Wash Your Hands'

  • Amani Holbert, 'Wear a Mask'

  • Noni Olabisi, 'Prince'

  • Noni Olabisi, 'Wash Your Hands'

  • Noni Olabisi, 'Wear a Mask'

  • Jose Lozano, 'Please not so Close'

  • Jose Lozano, 'Mask Up'

  • Jose Lozano, 'No Tande Cerca'

  • Eric "KING-CRE8" Walker, 'Wear a Mask




Self Help Graphics & Art Slideshow


    Daniel Gonzalez, De Marte,
    Oscar Rodriguez, Gabby Claro, Clover, Cynthia Navarro,
    Arleny Vargas, Dewey Tafoya,
    Priscilla Hernandez,
    Sophia Garcia, Vanya Navarette, Liliflor Ramirez

  • Gabrielle Claro, 'Lucha por tu Salud'

  • Gabrielle Claro, 'Protect your Elders''

  • Clover, 'It's Your Choice, Do Your Part.'

  • De Marte, 'Protect our Elders'

  • Sophia Garcia, 'Póngase la Mascarilla'

  • Daniel Gonzalez, 'Thrive'

  • Daniel Gonzalez, 'Vacunados'

  • Daniel Gonzales, 'Plantas'

  • Priscilla Hernandez, 'Protect your Elders'

  • Vanya Navarrete, 'Self Care'

  • Liliflor, 'Flight of the Butterfly'

  • Liliflor, 'Water your Love'

  • Liliflor, 'Cuidate'

  • Vanya Navarrete, 'Protect our Elders'

  • Cynthia Navarro, 'Protege a Nuestros Ancianos'

  • Cynthia Navarro, 'Protect your Loved Ones'

  • Oscar Rodriguez, 'Mask Up'

  • Oscar Rodriguez, 'Wash Your Hands'

  • Dewey Tafoya, "Mask Now"

  • Dewey Tafoya, "Mask Now"

  • Arleny Vargas, 'Bloom'

  • Arleny Vargas, 'Loteria'

11:11 A Creative Collective Slideshow


    Jackie Hernandez, Jaqui Smith, Kaylynn Kim, Omar Martinez, Sandy Lopez, Val Galindo

  • Val Galindo, 'Vaccinate'

  • Val Galindo, 'Elders'

  • Val Galindo, 'Ge Vaccinated'

  • Val Galindo, 'Protect our Elders'

  • Val Galindo, 'Vaccinate'

  • Val Galindo, 'Get Vaccinated'

  • Jackie Hernandez, 'COVID'

  • Jackie Hernandez, 'Mask'

  • Jackie Hernandez, 'Self Care'

  • Jackie Hernandez, 'Wash Your Hands'

  • Kaylynn Kim, 'Get Vaccinated'

  • Kaylynn Kim, 'Protect Each Other'

  • Kaylynn Kim, 'Self Care'

  • Kaylynn Kim, 'Protect Our Elders'

  • Kaylynn Kim, 'Wash Your Hands'

  • Sandy Lopez, 'Practice Self Care'

  • Sandy Lopez, 'See the Light'

  • Sandy Lopez, 'Together Towards Recovery'

  • Sandy Lopez, 'Wash Your Hands'

  • Omar Martinez, 'Get Vaccinated'

  • Omar Martinez, 'In this Together'

  • Omar Martinez, 'Wash Hands'

  • Omar Martinez, 'Self Care'

  • Omar Martinez, 'Wear a Mask'

  • Jacqui Smith, 'Protect the Elderly'

  • Jacqui Smith, 'Self Care'

  • Jacqui Smith, 'Wash Hands'

  • Jacqui Smith, 'Wear a Mask'

  • Jacqui Smith, 'Get Vaccinated'

Bus Shelter Posters

    Featured Artists

    De Marte, Val Galindo, Sophia Garcia, Daniel Gonzalez, Jackie Hernandez,
    Priscilla Hernandez, Kaylynn Kim, Sandy Lopez, Omar Martinez, Vanya Navarrete,
    Cynthia Navarro, Liliflor Ramirez, Jaqui Smith, Arleny Vargas

Vacúnate Ya, Los Ángeles / Get Vaccinated, L.A

    A bilingual public service campaign by Mayor Eric Garcetti to encourage vaccination among Latino communities in Los Angeles, featuring artists Angélica María, Danny Trejo, Pepe Aguilar, Ángela Aguilar, and Leonardo Aguilar.


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