City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs
Equality Statement

As protests for racial justice began in Los Angeles expressing the grief and outrage over the death of George Floyd and other African Americans, the Department of Cultural Affairs crafted the equality statement below to commit to, and advance, a new narrative for social change.

DCA remains dedicated to supporting our local artists and nonprofit arts and cultural organizations and serving the diverse communities and residents of our great city and its visitors – so all can be transformed by the power of arts, culture, and creative expression.

City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs

Equality Statement

June 1, 2020

As a progressive municipal arts agency, the Department of Cultural Affairs knows that in order to heal our society, we need to examine all inequality issues through a lens of social, economic, and racial injustice.

These issues include access to: safety and security; shelter; food and water; social services; healthcare; education; economic development; transportation; and arts and culture, while closely realizing the harsh realities of abject poverty present across our nation.

We recognize the need for love, empathy, and compassion for our fellow human beings, and know it is every person’s right to expect, demand, and receive equality and to always be treated with respect.

We know we are one humanity and that our differences – in the way we look, experience, vote, pray, protest, and/or love – are as important as what makes us all similar.

It is our hope we can begin to treat each other that way and move together towards a brighter future.

To become involved, we encourage you to:

  • Use your mind…to find ways to make permanent and lasting systematic changes to actively combat racism;
  • Use your voice…to vote and have conversations about equality with your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers;


  • Use your heart…to help local organizations and leaders evolve and fulfill their missions for creating better, equal communities.

To learn more, please visit the resource list compiled by our colleagues at Californians for the Arts:



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