Machete by Nadia Calmet

Performed by the Afro-Peruvian Experience, Machete is based on the traditional “Festejo,” dance, and highlights traditional instruments such as the Cajon, the Cajita, and the Quijada de Brron (donkey’s jaw). The work celebrates African-descended ancestors in Peru who, with a “Machete” (knife) in hand, fought for their freedom. Nadia Calmet, the executive director of the Afro-Peruvian Experience, is committed to the visibility and sharing of Afro-Pervian cultural traditions through theater, dance, and music.

Ukrainian Dance: Hopak by Larisa Carlson

Performed by the dance studio Showtime-Katusha Company, this Ukrainian folk dance is dedicated to the people of Ukraine. Larisa Carlson is the Dance Studio Showtime-Katusha’s founder, director, and choreographer. For the past twenty-three years she has dedicated herself to preserving and sharing Slavic heritage through folk dances, traditional music, and ethnic costumes.

Los Portales Del Corazón by Vanessa Hernández Cruz

Vanessa Hernández Cruz is a Mexican American physically disabled woman artist who is committed to navigating community care rooted in disability justice. Since its DCA premiere, her dance film, Los Portales Del Corazón has been selected for two film festivals, the MODarts: Move to Change Dance Festival on November 19, 2022 in New York and the P.L.A.C.E. Performance: Some Dance Screen Fest on December 17, 2022 in Riverside.

Please Come Mother- A Prayer to the Divine River Goddess by Sushma Mohan

The song for this video is a selection from the dance production Apaha, meaning “water” in Sanskrit. Combining the stories of Ganga and the Los Angeles Rivers, the dancers request the divine river to come down to earth to purify human beings and to bless mankind. Choreographer and Eirector, Guru Sushma Mohan used locations in Canoga Park, the birthplace of the Los Angeles River, as the song’s backdrop. Sushma Mohan is the founder and artistic director of Soorya Arts Academy and the Soorya Foundation for Performing Arts who connect Valley audiences with traditional Indian dance forms through the nationally recognized annual Los Angeles Indian Dance Festival.

818 by Olivia Mia Orozco

Focused on the landscape of the San Fernando Valley, this work is a mix of Modern and Contemporary Dance with ballet influences. Olivia Mia Orozco is the founder of Performative Pop-Ups, a multi-disciplinary performance and event company where she alternates between the role of producer, director, and choreographer for her company’s events.

Doomed by Thalia Ramos

Thalia Ramos weaves together many personal styles of dance to convey freedom in choice. Based in the community she uses her art to create real impact that moves others, as well as herself, to create art from the perspective of self or of the youth. Thalia Ramos is the Creator and Director of the youth crew CUBCAKES. Their Mission: to provide a holistic and unique dance education culture that fully activates all aspects of the destined prolific artists. They aim to educate and spark creativity by giving space and encouraging authentic expression. This work is reflected in self-produced dance films, performances, innovative teaching methods, creative minds, and hosted one-of-a-kind events that connect us all and practice equal exchange.

Moving at the Madrid by Louise Reichlin

Louise Reichlin is the founding director of Los Angeles Choreographers and Dancers. who create art that inspires others be creative, and understand the possibilities needed to carry out their dreams.

TARANA in Taal Rupak by Rachana Upadhyay

Rachana Upadhyay is the Executive Director and Choreographer at the Indian Performing Arts Center. TARANA in Taal Rupak is performed in the Kathak style, a Northern India classical dance form.

Better Days by Ki’Leigh Williams

Ki’Leigh Williams is the founder and creative director of The GentleLadies whose home, the Foxy is a creative space keeps the dancers inspired, motivated, and safe during COVID. Better Days celebrates this creative hub through dance choreographed by Williams, and music by Williams’ sister Kennedy Williams. The single, “Better Days” is from the album, Just Another Story.

Becoming (Year 31 the series) by Danielle Yasuda

This dance on film is part of a larger immersive full-length multimedia experience, blending film, botanical design and live performance that will premiere December 15, 16 and 17 at 8:00 p.m. at the Actors Company in West Hollywood. Danielle Yasuda is the co-creator, director, and choreographer for the dance duo MUDA.

Worth Being Here by Teresa Toogie Barcelo

A duet exploring love, ghosts and voices.

Mason by Bernard Brown

This film honors and illuminates the enduring legacy of Bridget “Biddy” Mason, a formerly enslaved woman who became a real estate pioneer, a midwife, nurse and philanthropist. One of the wealthiest Black women of her era, she laid the foundation for Black empowerment and for Black citizens to flourish in Los Angeles through her charitable acts, for both institutions and individuals.

Heavenly by Jamie Carabetta

A contemporary pas de deux (duet), celebrating the uplifting power of love, set in South Los Angeles.

dance4ever by Shauna Davis

When a rundown performer finds a magical gift in the park she is filled with hyperventilating excitement. Possibilities awaken.

Displaced Royaltÿ by Darrel ‘Friidom’ Dunn

Friidom reflects on the memory of a young black boy he met during one of his community movement installations in Leimert Park. The boy and Friidom shared a moment once he gave the boy his art crown. This is a fantastical retelling of that destined coronation.

Trimmed Roots by Gabriel Gutiérrez

A dance-documentary hybrid capturing the parallel foster care stories of Gabriel Gutiérrez (dancer) and Charles Boateng (barber). The three-minute film explores the impact of root trimming on healing, identity, and sense of purpose.

Abertura de Ewa by Rachel Hernandez

In all places when black people connect with their ancestors, rituals emerge. Abertura, opening in Portuguese, is dedicated to opening the sacred portal to spirit. Ewa is the Mother of good character, infinite possibilities and the water that we drink.

Night & Day by Aerick Luckie

Even when we’re teaching class, it’s easy to get lost in each other with just one touch. “Night & Day” depicts the love, energy and support that we feel on the dance floor while never losing the magnetic connection we share with each other as husband and wife.

Rooster by Micah Moch

A young man goes on a lifelong quest to bring back the sun.

Wild as the Wind by Haniyyah Tahirah

An interpretive contemporary dance that expresses one’s love for nature, beauty and the unpredictability of the wind and life itself. We must always look and towards the light of truth to live, breathe & dance in the moment… for life is constant & changing as the wind…

Dance in the Districts is a DCA initiative produced in partnership with the Los Angeles Dance Workers Coalition. The initiative awarded commissions to 22 panel-selected dancers and choreographers who reside or work in Council Districts 2, 3, 8, and 10 to create online performances for this pilot program. As part of the program award, applicants produced, filmed and presented a 1 to 3-minute virtual, online performance piece. Performances were produced, presented, and filmed in the Council District that the artist is affiliated with, and highlight a location within that district that holds value to the dancer such as a park, street, business, home, or public space, among others. Each award consists of a $1,000 artist’s fee and a $1,000 production fee. Production costs include: rehearsing, costuming, videography, collaborators, marketing, administration, and other costs related to the production including public space permits, equipment, or venue rentals.

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