As a leading, progressive arts and cultural agency, DCA empowers Los Angeles’s vibrant communities by supporting and providing access to quality visual, literary, musical, performing, and educational arts programming; managing vital cultural centers; preserving historic sites; creating public art; and funding services provided by arts organizations and individual artists.

Formed in 1925, DCA promotes arts and culture as a way to ignite a powerful dialogue, engage LA’s residents and visitors, and ensure LA’s varied cultures are recognized, acknowledged, and experienced. DCA’s mission is to strengthen the quality of life in Los Angeles by stimulating and supporting arts and cultural activities, ensuring public access to the arts for residents and visitors alike.

DCA advances the social and economic impact of arts and culture through grantmaking, public art, community arts, performing arts, and strategic marketing, development, design, and digital research. DCA creates and supports arts programming, maximizing relationships with other city agencies, artists, and arts and cultural nonprofit organizations to provide excellent service in neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles.

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DCA allocates over three hundred grants annually in the support of nonprofit arts and cultural organizations and individual artists.  read more

Public Art

DCA is committed to the creation and maintenance of art in the public realm and supports artists and cultural projects through four distinct arts programs. read more

Community Arts

DCA provides quality and affordable arts education for all ages through strategically located arts and cultural centers and landmarks throughout the City. read more

Performing Arts

DCA’s Performing Arts Program is committed to providing professional resources to enhance the capacity of the performing arts ecosystem to thrive in Los Angeles by managing performing arts centers, creating festivals and cultural exchange, and supporting initiatives to serve diverse artists and audiences. read more

Marketing, Development, Design, and Digital Research

DCA’s Marketing, Development, Design, and Digital Research works with local, state, national, and international arts organizations to increase engagement and accessibility throughout LA’s communities. read more

General Administrative and Support

Encompasses personnel, payroll, and accounting, the General Administrative and Support team is responsible for processing over 500 contracts annually, positioning DCA as the second ranking City agency, below Public Works, in terms of the number of City contracts awarded and administered.

DCA Staff Listing
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Cultural Affairs Commission

The Mayor-appointed Cultural Affairs Commission is an advisory board responsible for the review and approval of all architecture and artwork on, or over, City property. The Commission assists the City by final and conceptual approval in achieving great civic design and public art.

Eric Garcetti

Mayor Eric Garcetti, City of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the creative capital of the world, so art isn't an afterthought for us — it's part of who we are, and it's essential to the health and happiness of our people. Art has extraordinary power to transform perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors, especially when it lives in places that are accessible to everyone. We're proud to invest in the artistic genius that thrives in our city, because it gives Angelenos more opportunities to exercise their imaginations and inspire one another.

Cultural Affairs Commission

Elissa Scrafano, President
Thien Ho, Vice President
Evonne Gallardo
Charmaine Jefferson
Ray Jimenez
Eric Paquette
Robert Vinson

Letter from DCA General Manager Danielle Brazell

Dear Friends,

We are ushering in a remarkable new digital era for the Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA). We designed this dynamic portal to be inclusionary and reflective of the important work we perform across Los Angeles. More artists live and work in LA than any other community in the country. DCA invests in the creative capital of our people to fuel tourism, boost our regional economy, and enhance neighborhood vitality.

Under the leadership of Mayor Eric Garcetti, the Los Angeles City Council, and the Cultural Affairs Commission, DCA is committed to providing access to arts and cultural experiences for all. Our granting supports artists and is fair and equitable. Our public art encourages dialogue and is inspiring and thought provoking. Our marketing promotes culture and is engaging and extensive. DCA’s Neighborhood Arts and Cultural Centers deliver quality programming and serve as artistic outlets for our students.

Arts and culture are important vehicles for social change. By promoting our city’s artists and cultural organizations, together we build a more prosperous, safe, livable, and sustainable city. I thank DCA’s visionary staff, our private sector partners, the entire city family, and LA’s wonderful constellation of artists for their civic service and creativity.


Danielle Brazell
General Manager
City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs

Danielle Brazell

General Manager, City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs

Creativity is the lifeblood of LA. Our department honors and celebrates our city’s cultural and artistic diversity. We invite you to visit a theater, enjoy a cultural festival, take a music class,
or experience public art.

Be creative!

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