Marketing, Development, Design, and Digital Research Division

Phone: 213-202-5538

DCA’s Marketing, Development, Design, and Digital Research Division works with local, state, national, and international arts organizations to promote cultural awareness and increase arts education and access to arts education in LA’s communities. The Division raises funds from foundations, government agencies, corporations, and private individual donors to support arts and cultural programming, and has raised $37 million over the last 17 fiscal years. The Division partners with the Mayor’s Office, the City Council, community leaders, museum directors, artists, and arts and cultural organizations to promote local economic development.

The Division also markets the City’s cultural events by creating thousands of publications, direct mail pieces, and promotional materials; maintaining the website; managing DCA’s social media channels, and producing calendars and cultural guides for the City’s Latino, American Indian, African American, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT), and Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Celebrations. The Division publishes an annual Festival Guide in print and online versions featuring over 400 festivals throughout Los Angeles and its neighboring cities, and publishes several exhibition catalogs and materials – in addition to producing and promoting several City-wide festivals and special events.

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Will Caperton y Montoya

Director of Marketing, Development, and Design Strategy



Juan Garcia

Public Information Director

Andy Horwitz

Senior Project Coordinator

Andrew Kasdin

Arts Manager, Development


Gabriel Cifarelli

Digital Communications Manager


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